Reading is the key that unlocks the record of human progress and opens the door to the wisdom of the ages. The love of books, acquired in childhood can lead to life-long opportunities for education and enjoyment

The NITK Library is housed in a spacious three-storied building adjoining the Main building of the Institute on the Southern side. The library, with a floor area of 2,758 Sq mtrs., is segregated into two wings. Periodicals, journals and bound volumes are accessible in the Western wing, while books are housed in the Eastern wing. Three reading halls which can accommodate a total of 600 students provides the peaceful and friendly atmosphere for absorbing the knowledge available through books.

A computer terminal provided at the counter near the entrance can be used to gain information regarding status of availability and particulars of any book. The in-house activities of the Library have been computerized using the LIBSYS software. A bar-coded system of issue and return of books is currently in use.

The Library offers a variety of services such as

  • Open Access System
  • New arrivals list
  • News paper clipping service
  • Selective Dessimination of Information & Current Awareness Service
  • (S.D.I. & C.A.S.)
  • Book Bank Facility
  • Digital Library
  • Inter library loan of books
  • Reprographic service
  • ON-LINE public access catalogue
  • CD-ROM data base access
  • Multimedia, Video/Audio service
  • Compilation of Bibliographies on selected topics
  • Practical & Apprentice Training for Diploma and Degree students of Library & Information Science
  • ON-LINE Information retrieval through DELNET, INDEST Consortium,NICMAP,CMTI Bangalore
  • B L.I.Sc & M.L.I.Sc courses through IGNOU
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