Research at NITK

Research at NITK Surathkal

Research at NITK Surathkal is an integral part of curriculum and thus the essential component in teaching-learning process. One of the greatest things about research at NITK Surathkal is its diversity -- it gives the students the opportunity to further innovate through formal education by contributing to do something that they are passionate about. It is a success story at NITK because, the students and faculty have the ability to learn something new, whether it relates to academics or discovering something new about a related domain.
Research encompasses collaboration between students and faculty, aimed at either the discovery of new knowledge or building or experimenting the foundation of existing knowledge in a new dimension. This results our students to embark on research that is both relevant to their studies and future career paths, and NITK promotes them to have the best experience possible.

Research at Faculty level

Research at faculty level addresses a variety of exciting problems, attempting to provide solutions that are different from what has been proposed earlier and offers counter-intuitive insights that will challenge established viewpoints. Not only does our research make significant advancements to existing body of knowledge but also enriches the classroom experience which will enhance the teaching-learning process. Thus, members of faculty at NITK undertake research on a wide range of topics and these research endeavors are funded either internally   (scheme: Seed Grant for newly joined faculty) or by external sources such as the Government of India and other funding bodies. Thus, the members of faculty promote and deeply involved in their own independent research in their respective discipline as well as interdisciplinary domains. This activity in the Institute brings up its intellectual base.

Research at Students level

NITK provides a wide breadth of research opportunities for our talented students to discover something special in their respective field and take advantage of the facilities and infrastructure available during their stay at NITK.  There are a number of unique opportunities for students to participate in research and make a meaningful contribution to the academia of different disciplines. For example, Undergraduate students involve in research oriented “mini projects” which are part of their regular courses in the curriculum, and also in the “major / final year project work” in their fourth year of study.  Most of the time, interestingly, these kinds of work result very good publications which are very much required for the students towards their higher studies.

Research Outcome – an overview

NITK Surathkal is known for its quality publications in academia, businesses, public institutions, NGOs, and the Government because its publications are rigorous, clear and widely accessible articles which address emerging challenges in science and technology, and engineering.

During 2017-2018, total of 131 sponsored research projects were being carried out across all departments and the funding was to the tune of INR 62 crores. 



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